Unity3D Custom Editor Talk

As I briefly mentioned in my introductory post, I’ll be giving a talk on Tuesday, August 12th at Baltimore Unites, a Baltimore-based Unity3d user meetup, on extending the Unity editor and writing some custom editors/inspectors.  If you’re in the Baltimore area and are a Unity developer, I’d highly encourage you to come on out to check it out (it’s a nice group of folks, with some solid Unity knowledge and generally willing to help)!  However, I figured that as I’m putting the talk together, it’d be a good excuse to start up this Blog – so I’m going to try to post the talk (in several segments) on the blog over the next week and a half as I’m finishing it up so that I have a permanent copy online, and other folks out there on the interwebs can potentially benefit from it!

I’m hoping to have the first post up in the next day or two so stay tuned for that, but in the meantime – happy coding!

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