Hello World!

…I think that’s the obligatory first post title for a programmer’s blog, right?

Anyways – Hello All,

I’m Ryan – a Game Designer, Programmer, and general fan of games and technology.  I’ve been meaning to try out this ‘blogging’ thing I’ve heard so much about, and since I’ll be giving a game programming talk in about a week and a half, I figured now was as good a time as any to start!  I plan on using this Blog to discuss games, programming, game design, general game development, and maybe other things that seem blogworthy from time to time.  I do a lot of work in Unity3D at the moment, so a lot of the programming bits on here will likely be related to that (or at least usable in Unity in some form, if not restricted to it).

I’m hoping to have my first series of Unity Dev posts going up over the next week or so (more info to come in a post shortly after this one), so stay tuned!

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