Custom Editors in Unity3D – Wrap Up

Now that I’ve covered all of the major topics in my Unity3D Custom Editor series, I wanted to make a post to consolidate links and resources so there’s an easy ‘one stop shop’ to access information from the series.  Enjoy!

Major Topics

Simple Customization
Custom Editors

‘Bonus’ Topics/’Appendices’

  • Menus
  • Handles (Coming Soon)
  • Asset Processing (Coming Soon)
  • Data Files (File I/O) (Coming Soon)
  • Custom Assets (Coming Soon)

Additional Resources

Examples/Source Code

Source for all of the examples from this series can be found here.

Reference Material

Here are a few videos I’d recommend if you’re interested in ‘further study’ on writing custom editors in Unity.  The first one (from Unite 2011) is a great intro/overview of how to write custom editors (similar material to what I covered in this series), and the second two are more advanced (as you might suspect from the name!), diving into all kinds of cool things you can do with Custom Editors.

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